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With countless thousands of actors and actresses, past and present, how do we chose who we will create Anactagrams for and who then appears in the various media that can use those Anactagrams?

Our version of agency headshots is to scan various third-party lists, such as awards, Top 100s ratings, VHS/DVD appearances, genre summaries, movie decade summaries, silent screen actors, etc. Basically, we refer to opinion lists and generic summaries as our headshot pool. From there we group actors and actresses into relevant batches, usually by last name. Now we are ready to start the development of Anactagrams using our Cast Lists.

All the actors and actresses that made it to the Cast Lists will have Anactagrams created, by us, for them. For every one of those names we try and create around 100 to 200 Anactagrams. At this stage we are looking for Anactagrams that are useable in the Cast Members lists on this website. Every name on this website has required, on average, creation of 150 Anactagrams. So, for the over 11,000 actors/actresses currently listed on the site, we have created about 1,500,000 raw (pre-editing) Anactagrams. We have chosen, for the most part, to use American English ("color" vs. "colour") as the spelling basis, when there is a choice between American vs. British/Canadian English. If there is no American English choice, we have used the alternative spelling.

The majority of those Anactagrams are in fact not useable against a standard of readability, meaning they must make at least primary sense when read by most people. For each actor/actress we save as many Anactagrams as possible. Then we cull the list to choose the Anactagrams for each actor/actress that we actually publish on this website as Cast Members. Ideally we want to see an average of two or three Anactagrams per name because of potential later use in multiple medias and that is why you will see some weaker Anactagrams used here. If nothing is remotely printable for an actor/actress, their name still appears on this website, but only on the Cutting Room Floor, so you know we at least tried to develop their Anactagram.

At the previous stage, we were basically only in rehearsal mode because appearance as Cast Members on our website is still, without any question, easily the industry's only meaningful and arguably best resource for anagrams of actor/actress and names, but not necessarily a sign of any individual star quality. The stars are those Anactagrams we then use in the various media publications, such as puzzle books, newspaper puzzle corners, daily email puzzles, game show, etc. Those need to read well and entertain as opposed to simply being an accurate alternate name portrayal. To have star billing, the Anactagram has to be absolutely clear as to readability, flow and meaning.

You are welcome, at any time, to contact us to offer corrections, suggestions and criticism of our efforts. We respond promptly and always in a polite and respectful way.